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Hello There

From WordPress, Medium to deploying my own blog site. Why? Two reasons, I need a space where I can rant about software engineering, but about other exciting things I learn through life that I think would be better to be shared with the world. Secondly, to micro-manage certain aspects and to get the experience. Playground.

Is this another random blog where a user rambling on yet another topic? Absolutely yes, this blog is no different. Why stay here then? This blog is about the future, a mythical concept of time that hasn’t been experienced yet, but becomes the past after just an iota of time passes.

This may be my last article or the first of many to come on this platform. Still, I assure you that some sentences will be monotonous, some sentences will be enlightening and insightful, and no future article will be confusing like this article.

Documenting starts here.